Applied Non-Violent Resistance Training -- For Clinicians, Parents, and Educators.

Reconnect using Strengths instead of Power.

Learn how to Manage Disruptive and Destructive Childhood Behaviours without pulling everyone into a never-ending Power Struggle.

Latest NVR Information

On Demand NVR Training

The NVR self-paced course provides in-depth foundational knowledge about Non-Violent Resistance. Taught by Dr. Haim Omer.
Taught by Haim Omer, founder of NVR.

Foundational Skills in Non-Violent Resistance training.

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) is a new, innovative approach to dealing with aggressive, harmful and self-destructive behaviour of children and adolescents. Deriving its methods from the principles of raising parental presence, de-escalation and reconciliation, NVR promotes constructive resistance to harmful behaviour, while seeking to support adults in reconnecting with their child and developing a non-punitive yet strong parental position.

Don't try to change the child

Instead, focus on changing the context. There is no need to win, as long as we persist in supporting the expectation.

Tailored to your Needs

Various NVR and Applied NVR programs exist for different target groups. Continue below by choosing your role: Clinician / Parent / Educator

NVR for Clinicians

On-Demand training providing foundational NVR knowledge and skills.

Applied NVR for Parents

Private SPACE consultation to help parents manage difficult childhood behaviours.

NVR for Educators

On-Demand training to help manage disruptive behaviours in classrooms.

For Clinicians who are learning about NVR.

NVR Foundations

Non-Violent Resistance and the Anchoring Function of Attachment for families, in which children show impulsive, violent or self-destructive behaviour. The NVR Foundations Course 1 with Haim Omer is now available On Demand.

First mend yourself, and then mend others.

For Parents who want to use NVR at Home.

NVR for Parents

SPACE is an Applied NVR Course Series that is now available in group format or private training, with the following specializations: Anxiety Disorders, Picky Eaters, ADHD, School Refusal.
Hand of parent and child

You Learn when you Teach.

For Educators who want to use NVR in their Classrooms.

NVR for Educators

Go beyond general classroom management and learn what it really means to connect to your students in a truly positive and caring manner.
Teenage school kids smiling to camera in school corridor

Better learning starts with quality content.

Even though the course content is structured and sequential, sometimes you just want to know more about a certain topic. Each lecture includes a reflection assignment and the opportunity to ask questions that will be directly answered by your NVR Instructor.

Authentic Course Work
Reflection Assignments
24/7 Support

Ready to Start Learning?

“Incorporating the Applied NVR training called SPACE Treatment was the first revolutionary shift in treating anxiety and other difficult childhood behaviours I had come across for more than 15 years. The missing or underestimated concept of parental support for dealing with childhood behaviours is now found to be as efficacious as CBT alone.” – Chris de Feijter EdD.

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What Others Shared about NVR

Eia Asen Psychiatrist, Anna Freud Centre and University College London, UK.

This is the most impressive development of concepts and practices introduced in the first edition of Haim Omer's book. Particularly inspiring are the novel ways in which he applies the NVR approach to social systems, such as schools and communities. It is essential reading for parents and therapists alike!

Ben Furman Psychiatrist -

If you are not already well-versed in Non-Violent Resistance – or New Authority, as it is also known as – this online course composed of Professor Haim Omer’s captivating video lectures is your best bet. Omer’s ideas are refreshing. They not only make sense, but also provide professionals with a wide variety of practical tools that empower them to help families struggling with serious problems that have up until these days been ignored or fallen between the cracks of social support systems.

Karl Tomm Professor of Psychiatry, University of Calgary Director, Calgary Family Therapy Centre

Hearing about the core principles and practical tools of NVR in the voice of the person who founded the approach is an extraordinary treat! In this series of lectures, Haim speaks with candor, passion, and intimacy to share his experiences in developing and applying the powerful concepts of parental presence, non-escalation, vigilant care, new authority (and more) to give the listener a fantastic opportunity to learn from “the wisdom of an elder.” I predict that these presentations will become “classics” for all those interested in this incredibly generative work.

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    Territorial Behaviour

    territorial. Shouts of “Don’t touch my things!” “It’s my money!” “Get out of my room!” are part of the daily soundtrack in many families

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    A Better Parent?

    A question from a parent who was doubting their own parenting style was given an answer she did not expect.

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