A Better Parent?

Earlier today, I had a question from a parent who was doubting their own parenting style. This parent had successfully raised children with ADHD into early teenhood, but now, things were changing. The parents asked if NVR and SPACE could teach her to become a better parent.

Simply said, I responded to the parent that there is no such thing as a better parent. Parents can use the tools they know or they can avoid them. But how can parents use a strategy or skill they are not aware of?

Parents are parents, and there are no bad or good parents. A parent can choose to use quality parenting skills when they understand how to apply those skills in their home. Parents who do not know how to use such skills are not automatically using low-quality parenting skills.

The thought here is that all parents can improve their way of providing quality parental care by learning research-based strategies that continue to work on three aspects: 1. Reducing Accommodations; 2. Increasing Supports; 3. Persisting.

Each of these three principles will be further explored in posts in the coming weeks.

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