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Happy parents and baby walking together in summer field
How to Engage Parents

Short Talk in which Haim Omer explains how parents can pick up the rope – not to engage into a power struggle – to take control of making change happen.

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Two territorial Gulls fighting.
Territorial Behaviour

territorial. Shouts of “Don’t touch my things!” “It’s my money!” “Get out of my room!” are part of the daily soundtrack in many families

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Improve company quality
A Better Parent?

A question from a parent who was doubting their own parenting style was given an answer she did not expect.

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Hand of parent and child
NVR and Authoritative Parenting

Learn how NVR assists parents with changing their authoritarian or laissez-fair parenting style into an Authorative pending style that provides support, care, as well as an anchoring function.

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Pallas cat observes
NVR and Parenting

Listen to Dr. Haim Omer explain how NVR supports parents by becoming more aware of what their children do throughout the day.

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close up of spinning fidget spinners
Managing ADHD with NVR

Managing ADHD through behavioural type interventions – next to any other treatment – requires great vigilance and persistence from parents. In this video, Dr. Haim

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