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Non-Violent Resistance in Schools

Not all externalizing behaviours become a crisis, and therefore crisis management should not always be the first resort. Yet, every day students are excluded from classrooms only because the relationship between the teacher and the student has not been optimal due to the educator struggling with regulating their own behaviour.

We can only change our own behaviour. A quote by many thinkers from many different philosophies. It is an illusion that you can control the behaviour of others (children in this case). Educators often hope their influence might affect how children behave; however, children’s behavioural choices are beyond the reach of many educators. The same principle applies to problematic behaviour. Educators and parents desperately look for strategies to make their child miraculously change their behaviour, often resulting in no or limited success. The more educators and parents force children to change their behaviour – using punishment, persuasion or manipulation – the more they rebel and resist. In addition, giving in to the child’s wishes does not help either: children often increasingly demand more considerable sacrifices from their caregivers in exchange for – often empty – promises. The helplessness of parents and educators only increases. Then it is time to reconnect.

  • How Teacher Authority has Changed

    How Modern Practices impact teaching today

  • Teacher Presence

    Tools for the creation of presence in the classroom

  • Alliance with Parents

    All about Teacher-parent diplomacy

  • Alliance with Other Teachers

    Creating continuity in and outside of the classroom

  • NVR Tools for use in School

    Learn various School-wide and classroom skills to end problem behaviours

  • Module for Administrators

    Administrators learn how to implement NVR as a school-wide model

  • Certificate of Completion

    Participants are awarded a Certification of Completion at the end of the course.

Registration & Participation Options

The course will open sometime in 2022.

Ready to Start Learning?

Participants will be supported by the experts from our instructional team, consisting of registered psychologists, speech and language pathologists, counsellors, and education consultants. All of us have worked or are currently working in schools with students.

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